Chairman's Message

Bural Basel

Message From the Chairman

When we direct our eyes to the future, we see a new world order where the amalgamation of technologies is blurring the lines between all spheres of life.

Today’s successful companies should be operating within the framework of a new paradigm in which software is central to everything they do. Just like it is central to everything we do here at Basel Holding.

Recently we have been witnessing many technological disruptions that have wiped out entire industries. Operational agility, meaning the ability to automatically sense, react and adapt quickly to shifting market dynamics, is most essential so as to keep up with the speed of change. We are fully aware of the fact that we do not have a choice but to embrace this concept of agility.

At Basel, we evidently understand that how we operate is just as crucial as what we accomplish. It is with the spirit of teamwork and strong sense of vision that we stride towards our goals. We continue to make new designs, produce new solutions and set new standards through our large portfolio of services from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

In order to ensure sustainable access to the FinTech market, we follow the industry’s developments very closely, contribute to their creation and support the education of local specialists. We also support people with limited access to technology through our corporate social responsibility projects.

As Basel Holding, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders – by providing them with the services they can trust, continuously innovating to offer the best solutions they need as well as by investing in our employees and partners in ways and means that money cannot buy.

As we continue our journey towards 2020 and beyond, rest assured that we will continue to transform ourselves and take on more challenges as they come along.


Burak Basel, Chairman.